The Supaflo High Rate Thickener – The True Story

The true story about how the concept came into being

John Thixton invented the Supaflo High Rate Thickener in March 1983. This website has been created to tell the true story about how the concept came into being. The 1st commercial unit was commissioned in August 1984 at Rum Jungle in the Northern Territory, Australia. Outotec of Finland, who have dropped the name Supaflo & call it the Outotec Thickener, now market the Supaflo worldwide. Over 1500 units have been installed in 50+ countries worldwide. Total value of units sold probably exceeds US$200 million.

In the old Outotec brochure the following wording appears “The revolutionary SUPAFLO high rate thickener has pioneered and redefined thickening and clarifying methods around the world.”

As with many inventions others have benefitted from the SUPAFLO financially far more than its inventor.